Cloud Native Solutions

Most greenfield software projects are implemented on top of cloud infrastructure. If you have an application idea, it should probably be created in the cloud. We have experience ranging from full-blown cloud-based IoT platforms to custom web applications. 

Examples of projects our team members have delivered:

  • Business designs

  • Cloud architecture

  • Full-blown B2C solutions

  • B2B solutions

  • IoT solutions

  • APIs, API management

  • Data pipelines, data analysis, data visualization

  • User interfaces, search tools, management tools running in the cloud

From Design to Deployment

We can design and develop the whole solution from the ground up starting, for example, from an edge IoT device and ending up in the cloud. This includes cloud architecture design and implementation, backend service development and easy-to-use web-based user interfaces with beautiful visualizations. Additionally, we can enhance the solution with data analysis and AI features.

For the backend we have used mostly C#, Python, Go, and JavaScript / TypeScript. For the frontend, we prefer to use React and TypeScript. However, these are not the only technologies we know. For more detailed information, have a look at our software consulting services.

The actual cloud architecture and the needed cloud services are determined during cloud architecture design. We have extensive knowledge about Azure and its services. Therefore, we can design cost-effective solutions by selecting the most appropriate services for the project needs. Here are some examples of the Azure services that we have recently used:

  • IoT: IoT Edge, IoT Hub, IoT Central

  • Identity & access control: Azure AD and Azure AD B2C

  • Compute: Functions, App Service, Static Web Apps, Virtual Machines

  • Databases & storage: CosmosDB, SQL Server, SQL Database, Blob Storage, Azure Cache for Redis, Azure Database for PostgreSQL

  • Analytics: Azure Data Explorer, Time Series Insights

  • Integration & messaging: Event Grid, SignalR Service, Azure Notification Hub, API Management, Logic Apps

  • DevOps: Container Registry, Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines, ARM Templating

  • AI & machine learning: Azure Cognitive Services

  • Networking: Front Door, Virtual Networks

  • Other: Key Vault, Application Insights, Azure Maps

While we prefer to use Azure as the public cloud platform, AWS and Google Cloud are our choices of tools as well.

Every modern application is implemented at least partially with the help of cloud platforms.

Olli-Pekka Heinisuo, Senior Software Architect

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