Data to Business Value

Are you drowning in data or planning your data collection process? Is your data suitable for analysis in its current form? How could your data be utilized to gain business value? 

We can evaluate your data and answer all of these questions. We will create a plan to refine and clean the data, and propose an approach to gain insights from your data.

We have experience in building custom data collection solutions and utilizing existing secure technologies such as Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central. We always choose a proper data storage solution, be it anything from SQL to NoSQL, using tools such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CosmosDB or data lakes.

Whether your process needs an Extract-Transform-Load setup using Apache Airflow, or an Event-Driven Architecture using Azure Event Hub or Apache Kafka, we've got the expertise to get you going. Naturally, we'll coordinate the heavy computations to a Spark or Azure Data Explorer cluster.

To extract knowledge from your data, we have the competence to apply data reduction methods from Principal Component Analysis to Isomap and create classification or regression models using Python's deep learning library Pytorch or Julia's powerful machine learning packages. And when gradient-based methods don't deliver, we can optimize using genetic algorithms.

And of course, the visualizations will be informative and beautiful.

If you don’t have the data yet but have an idea about collecting it, don’t worry. We can design and build together the full solution. For more information, have a look at the cloud-native solution offering.

The foundation of every AI solution is high-quality data. To have great data, a flawless data workflow you must build!

Mikko Lehtimäki, Ph.D. Candidate, Chief Data Scientist, Softlandia

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