Sensor Fusion & IoT

Our services in IoT and sensor fusion include:

  • Use case validation and development

  • Sensor fusion architecture and system design

  • Proof of concepts

  • Sensor selection and validation

  • Signal processing algorithms and software

  • Scalable solutions

There are countless different hardware platforms that can be used to build Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Selecting a good, future-proof and cost-effective platform is not an easy task. Our expertise makes this selection process easy.

IoT devices produce huge amounts of data. This data is the most important part of any IoT solution: it can be sold, refined further and generate new business. Sometimes the data quality is low: data may be malformed or uninterpretable and cannot be used for further analysis. We will make sure that you get high-quality data by selecting the correct sensors and delivering a coherent solution.

The data that IoT sensors generate is not usually informative in its raw form. Often the data must be combined from multiple sensors to get more meaningful results. We implement sensor fusion and edge computing solutions that make sense. When you need to connect your devices securely to the cloud and manage them there, we can deliver that.

Our track record includes integration projects where dozens of sensors, such as cameras and accelerometers, are integrated. Additionally, we work in deep co-operation with sensor manufacturers.

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