Software Consulting

If you need individual experts or an experienced team to help you build software and products, call us. We offer our software development as projects or resources with hourly charging. Currently, we have a team of eight professionals with different backgrounds working in our team.

Our consultants work in the following areas:

Cloud and software architecture consulting: Cloud architecture design, software architecture design, architecture benchmarks and evaluation of existing solutions.

Software development services: Web & cloud backend, frontend and full-stack development. IoT device software, desktop software.

Data Science & AI: Sensor fusion, data engineering, data pipelines and data processing, machine learning.

Technologies we are familiar with: Azure, JavaScript/TypeScript, NodeJS, HTML/CSS, Next.js, Electron, C, C++, C#, Go, Python, Rust, Qt+QML, OpenCV, Numpy, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Django, React/React Native, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core / modern .NET, Linux, Windows, macOS+iOS, Android, Docker, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, CosmosDB, MongoDB, AWS, Google Cloud, Image Processing, Cell biology, Neuroscience, CAN

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