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Wondering how much OpenAI usage will cost?

We can tell you! We'll give you a flat fee quote in 48 hours. Softlandia is Finland's industry leader utilizing OpenAI Azure endpoints. We offer a fixed monthly fee for Azure OpenAI services.

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Please explain your use case below, and we at Softlandia will give you a flat fee quote for your implementation.*

* We at Softlandia will reply to you within 48 hours and give you a flat fee quote including OpenAI cost, required Azure service costs and our YOKOT.AI API license cost. If this is not possible, we will either ask you for more details about your use case or let you know if we can not do it. All in 48 hours. Terms may apply.

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*** Please describe: 1) Your type of software (internal, intranet, process automation, a software/SaaS/service you are selling to 3rd parties etc.), 2) Your number of users and 3) Your estimated number of questions (prompts) per month.

About Softlandia

Softlandia is a superb technology partner for high-growth companies. Work with us for great results – and cozy vibes.

Our team has a great track record in working with demanding, and sometimes upright tricky, international accounts.

We can help you especially in challenges related to AI/ML and LLMs, but also software development, cloud architecture, IoT & sensor fusion.