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Senior Software Engineer, Applied AI

Softlandia is looking for a talented senior software engineer interested in machine learning and generative AI to join our growing team.

Softlandia is the place for open-minded, international and ambitious people. We are a software consulting company with an entrepreneurial product development twist. Our headquarters are located in Tampere, Finland. We serve primarily high-growth technology companies and we are growing internationally. As a member of our team, you'll have the opportunity to work on various projects, ranging from web/cloud and IoT applications to data analysis and AI.

Our current team members have delivered remarkable projects, stories and achievements in the past. We would be honored to help you to raise to a new level as well. As part of our team, you will become what your potential is. If you are already an individual with a track record, this is the place where it’s appreciated.

While most Softlandians work as consultants in customer projects, our strategy is also to have our product ventures and invest in them continuously. This means that at Softlandia you can participate in our internal greenfield product development from time to time as well. In the future, this will open multiple new opportunities considering career development.

Your role

In this role, you'll be responsible for designing and implementing backend software that applies AI, especially generative AI, to real-world applications. Therefore, a basic understanding of machine learning and, for example, large language models, is required. We evaluate, integrate, and use LLMs almost daily in our work and many of our customer projects are related to generative AI in some manner. 

You would be expected to be located in Finland and work at least part of the week at our Tampere office depending on the customer project you are working on.

What do we expect from you?

We are seeking a candidate who can work independently and is self-motivated: a curious mind, growth mindset and capability to deliver are some of the key elements that we value. You will be working directly with the customers, so it’s essential to be able to communicate with them in both technical and non-technical matters.

5 or more years of professional experience in software development and a Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science or a similar field are strongly preferred. Fluent spoken and written English is required. Speaking or writing Finnish is not mandatory but is beneficial. Softlandia's main language is English.

You should have a solid understanding of modern software development and fluent programming skills at least in Python. You should understand the importance of simple, maintainable, and well-architected software. Proficiency in most of the following technologies is required:


  • Modern Python (3.11+) with proper type hints

  • Knowledge of Python AI & data science libraries and ecosystem

  • FastAPI, or some other similar web framework

  • SQL, NoSQL, and vector databases such as Qdrant

  • Experience in designing and creating APIs (RESTful, websocket)

  • Backend architecture design

Cloud (Azure)

  • Basic understanding of PaaS and cloud infrastructure in general

  • Capability to build automated CI/CD pipelines that deploy your code to the cloud

  • We use mostly Azure, but knowledge of other cloud providers is as well beneficial

As we focus on applied AI, you should have at least used LLMs previously (e.g. ChatGPT or something else) and be interested in generative AI. Therefore, the following skills are beneficial but not strictly necessary since the generative AI field is relatively new:

  • Prompt engineering

  • Understanding of retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and the limitations of it

  • Capability to integrate and apply novel RAG methods into existing products

While this role does not require you to know any front-end technologies, we do appreciate knowledge and development skills on the front-end side, especially in React and TypeScript. Likewise, we are happy if you have experience with other languages and technologies as well. In addition to Python, we like especially C# and Rust. Previous experience in machine learning, computer vision, imaging, signal processing, industrial cameras, and integrating Python with hardware is considered a plus.

What we offer

We are still a small company, but we offer a benefits package and salary that are on par with other software consultancies. This includes the option to work remotely.

Some of our benefits: 

  • Flexible working hours and locations

  • Extensive, insurance-based healthcare

  • Bike benefit

  • Phone, subscription, home internet for remote working

  • Annual budget for personal tools, that can be freely used

A job can be and should be very meaningful to an individual. But at the same time, we all work to get a living. All Softlandia founders have small kids, and we have set time aside for our parental leaves and taking care of our children when they have been ill. 

You might want to build a house, work from abroad or from your holiday home, or study for a new certificate. This is life. We think the company should plan projects and responsibilities so that they fit together with both the dreams and demands of the life of an individual. Read more about our values here.

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