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YOKOT.AI is our private and secure Generative AI Solution that allows you to use generative AI with both internal and external data. YOKOT.AI unlocks your internal corporate knowledge, providing you with a reliable and efficient tool to enhance your business operations.

By leveraging the best LLM technology, powered by OpenAI, YOKOT.AI provides a modern and safe AI approach. Our solution is optimized for performance and cost. With YOKOT.AI, you can automate daily tasks, securely integrate with internal data sources, and gain reliable insights from your data.

We adhere to strict privacy practices and comply with GDPR. Your prompts, data, and completions are kept within YOKOT.AI. We prioritize your data security and privacy, ensuring that it is hosted in Azure data centers located in Europe and following your own best practices.

Developed by a team of senior enterprise architects and experienced AI scientists, our platform is scalable, secure, and designed to fulfill your internal IT requirements. With professional support SLAs available and a steady release of new features, YOKOT.AI is the perfect choice for unlocking your internal corporate knowledge.

Find and validate use cases with YOKOT.AI

If you are just starting to look into generative AI solutions and need to securely and quickly evaluate genAI use cases, YOKOT.AI might be the perfect fit for you! We provide pilot projects where a selected set of users can evaluate generative AI securely in a private YOKOT.AI instance through its user interface.

  • 24h deployment

  • Chat with internal knowledge or other content like websites

  • Generate documents from knowledge

  • Generate summaries from knowledge

  • Customize added documents (for example, change style or translate)

Use cases

  • Customer support

  • Technical training & maintenance

  • Synthesizing large amounts of information

  • Innovation management

For more use cases, watch our video content.

YOKOT.AI API - integrate generative AI into your services

In addition to the user interface, YOKOT.AI has a REST API. The API can be used to connect your solutions to YOKOT.AI. In this setup, YOKOT.AI works as an AI engine providing generative AI methods and tools for your disposal.

Whether you want to upload a document, link a URL, or connect to a data storage, our platform can handle it all. Furthermore, YOKOT.AI can integrate with popular business tools such as CRM, ERP, and Intranet, ensuring that you can access and analyze your data from various sources.

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