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We have always three positions open:

  1. Senior Software Architect/Engineer

  2. Junior Developer

  3. A person with technological skills and a great product idea.

Senior Software Engineer, Applied AI

Softlandia is looking for a talented senior software engineer interested in machine learning and generative AI to join our growing team.

Softlandia as Your Home Base for Work

As a company, we want to change the world. And we find technology to be one of the best instruments for making that happen. We want to do our part in building and developing products, technologies, and businesses. In short: creating something meaningful.  

We are always looking for individuals who are interested in making this happen with us, and who are ready to learn more as we go. Already have an idea you could bring to the company with you? Great! 

Softlandia is the place for open-minded, international and ambitious people.

We Welcome Juniors and Seniors

Been around the block already? If you are a senior talent looking for a great team for the rest of your life, join us. We not only offer great work opportunities but possibilities to start your own product and be a company shareholder as well. You could, for example take a product lead, architect or developer role. 

Read more about our product development in our Venture Studio section.

Have only heard talk about being around the block? For a junior, this is the company to grow with. An experienced team, willing to coach and teach the best practices of software, technology, business development and more. We are not set in our ways and are happy to accommodate fresh thoughts and ideas.

Softlandia as an Employer

As an employer, we take our duties seriously. Working conditions, leadership, team building, individual career support: we make sure to offer everything a larger company can offer. Everyone is offered the same tools and benefits in the company.

Examples of employee benefits: 

  • Flexible working hours and locations.

  • Extensive, insurance-based healthcare for all employees.

  • Phone, subscription, home internet for remote working.

  • Annual budget for personal tools, that can be freely used.

Live, Learn and Work

A job can, and should, be very meaningful to an individual. But at the same time, we all work to get a living. All Softlandia founders have small kids, and we all have set time aside for our paternity leaves and taking care of our children when they have been ill. 

You yourself might want to build a house, work from abroad or from your holiday home, or study for a new certificate. This is life. We think the company should plan projects and responsibilities so that they fit together with both the dreams and demands of life, of an individual.

You can read a short story about our values on our about page.

Softlandia - Smile & Deliver