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Happy Customers and Great Deliveries

Our team has a versatile history. Although we are still a very young company, established in 2022, we have worked with the most demanding customers on three continents.

“Thank you for great co-operation in this project. I have seen different types of contractors, and you shine!”

A recent Softlandia customer

The above-mentioned quote is from a Softlandia customer in Finland. During our careers, we have received similar feedback working with numerous high-growth scaleups, technological leaders and Fortune 500 tech companies, including some FAAMG companies. Projects can sometimes be challenging, the customers in any country, we focus to Smile & Deliver.

Customer Case: Financial Sector Cloud Architecture

Customer: Finland, confidential

Status: Delivered 4/2022

Softlandia provided cloud architecture and software development consulting services to develop a cloud-native financial management software tool. 

The new solution was developed from scratch to replace an existing solution that was very slow and hard to use. The software architecture was designed to utilize Azure’s serverless offering in the most optimal way.

The developed solution performs the same financial calculations over 20 times faster than the old solution while still being far easier to use. This makes the financial management team’s work easier and more efficient.

The solution was built with the help of Azure’s serverless platform using .NET 6 as the main technology.

High quality cloud architecture for financial sector

Customer Case: Production Equipment, Electronics Manufacturing

Customer: Finland, high-tech company

Status: Delivered 5/2022

A high-tech company needed help to refine the software solution architecture for their new hardware system. Softlandia designed the initial architecture and provided new ideas to develop the solution further.

The designed architecture can be extended and modified easily. It can be implemented with the technologies that were the most familiar to the customer.

Softlandia's experience about the solution's final deployment environment was very valuable. The architecture design choices were considered carefully based on our previous experience with similar challenging environments.

Electronics manufacturing needs reliable software.

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