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AI Architecture: The Foundation of Effective Applied AI Solutions

AI architecture is a crucial factor in developing high-quality AI applications. Software engineering complements AI, particularly through RAG architecture, and an AI-first mindset combined with a robust architecture is essential for business success.

Finding AI Use Cases: The AI Booster Cycle

Softlandia's ABC of AI deployment simplifies AI integration with a three-step process: Educate, Empower, and Experiment. Equip your team with tools like YOKOT.AI and ChatGPT to boost efficiency and innovation.

From Earth to Mars: The Impact of Our Open-Source Contributions

Softlandia's team is a prominent contributor in open-source communities. These contributions are a testament to our capability to deliver outstanding value in software, AI, algorithms, and signal processing.

LLM-based Agents for Tabular Data Processing

Understanding and acting on tabular data, such as CRM and ERP exports, SQL databases, Excel sheets and comma separated values, remains challenging for large language models. In this post we show how an agentic workflow can take on the challenge of understanding tabulated data.

Deploying Qdrant with gRPC & Auth on Azure: A FastAPI Singleton Client Guide

Deploy Qdrant to Azure with HTTP/2 and gRPC and access it asynchronously via a singleton instance of the Qdrant client via FastAPI dependency injection.

AI Engine explained – The path to smarter automation

An AI engine acts as a versatile toolkit, enabling businesses to automate tasks previously requiring human intellect. It transforms messy data into structured, actionable insights, streamlining business processes and enhancing decision-making speed.

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