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Applied AI

We specialize in applied artificial intelligence solutions. Applied AI is a combination of modern software expertise and a deep understanding of modern AI methods. We combine these two areas of expertise to create new AI-based solutions.

Our AI expertise covers several different areas: generative AI, such as language models (LLM), natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, computer vision, signal processing, and the development of new algorithms. We can carry through groundbreaking AI projects.

Our software expertise is extensive. Our team members have implemented demanding software solutions for the world's leading companies, many of which are on the Fortune 500 list. We implement cloud-native solutions unless there is a strict requirement for local off-cloud implementation.

Applied AI is a combination of software engineering, AI/ML and cloud skills.
A comprehensive solution or just an AI engine?

We can implement applied AI projects as comprehensive solutions, where we, for example, create a completely new type of digital AI-assisted service from start to finish.

If a digital service already exists, we can develop a dedicated AI engine for the service. The engine brings AI-assisted functions as part of the service. The engine can also be an internal platform for the organization, into which different systems are seamlessly integrated.

Consultants to help leverage AI

Every member of Softlandia is proficient in applying AI. We would be happy to help with the adoption and application of AI as part of your software development team.

Speed up operations with a ready-made private generative AI solution

Our product that utilizes generative AI, YOKOT.AI, enables organizations to interact securely with internal data. It ensures data privacy and offers versatile workflows, such as generating documents from selected data sources. The development work of YOKOT.AI has made us the leading expert in generative AI in Finland. Learn more about YOKOT.AI.

Mikko Lehtimäki, Softlandia Founder, Chief Data Scientist

The foundation of every AI solution is high-quality data. To have great data, a flawless data workflow you must build!

Mikko Lehtimäki, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist, Softlandia

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Need Help With AI?

We can implement applied AI projects as comprehensive solutions. If you have an existing digital service, we can develop a dedicated AI engine to match its specific needs.