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Bridging the AI Gap with Softlandia's Expertise

In a time when using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business has become very important, it's crucial to know how it works. AI creates new opportunities daily, changing jobs and transforming whole industries. While many are amazed by what AI can do, some find it hard to keep up with its fast changes. This article will discuss the current AI world, show its benefits, and explain how businesses can harness it effectively.

Keeping up with the developments in AI

Keeping pace with the swift evolution of the AI sector is like trying to catch a fast-moving train. Skills and knowledge once seen as cutting-edge might now be on the brink of obsolescence. The staggering fact is that 77 % of top-level executives believe AI is revolutionizing their business strategies [1]. Hence, any competitive business must acknowledge AI's significance and possess a concrete plan to take advantage of it.

However, the journey is far from straightforward. While the potential of AI is widely recognized, its effective integration remains a challenge for many. It has been studied that 87 % of executive leaders struggle with finding AI-proficient talent [1].

The Two Faces of AI Skills

AI skills can be split into two main types: non-technical and technical. Here's a simple explanation:

  • Non-technical AI skills:  Using AI tools like ChatGPT and similar systems to improve work. It also includes strategic planning on using AI technology effectively and adjusting processes for the best results.

  • Technical AI skills: These are advanced skills, such as coding and managing AI-based programs.

For businesses to thrive in an AI-dominated era, it's not enough to understand AI; it's imperative to internalize and apply it. Integrating AI seamlessly into offerings will become the norm rather than the exception as we advance.

The real challenge then surfaces: how do companies cultivate such expertise? One immediate solution is to foster AI education within the current workforce. However, given the breakneck pace of AI advancements, seeking external expertise can accelerate AI usage and integration in your organization. This is where consultancies come into play with their hands-on experience and strategic insights.

The journey from past to future where AI is an integral part of everything.

The Role of Consultancies in AI Implementation: A Glimpse at Softlandia

Softlandia stands at the intersection of strategic vision and technical prowess. We offer AI engineering consulting services tailored to businesses, helping them integrate AI into their ecosystem. Our collaborative approach ensures that your in-house developer team gains invaluable AI insights, empowering them to drive future innovations without heavy reliance on external consultants. We can also be your AI advisor; often, it’s better to gain an overall understanding of AI's possibilities instead of rushing directly to the implementation.

Our generative AI product, YOKOT.AI, has already been delivered to dozens of customers. YOKOT.AI lets you chat with your internal data securely without leaking private information to the language models. Additionally, YOKOT.AI provides different kinds of workflows, such as document generation based on the selected source data. We can confidently say that Softlandia is one of Finland's best generative AI consultancies.

In addition to YOKOT.AI, we work as consultants in various companies at the forefront of utilizing AI. Our work covers, for example, LLMs and NLP, machine vision, and novel algorithm development.

We've had the privilege of pioneering generative AI projects, collaborating with industry leaders, and continually pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve. Our collaborations with partners like Framery have shown our commitment to innovation and excellence.


In the vast world of science and technology, some moments genuinely define progress — and right now, AI is that moment. It's like when we first unlocked the mysteries of computers and their capabilities, full of new possibilities. But realizing that potential isn't a walk in the park. We need experts similar to those who understood modern computing back in the day. While consultancies like Softlandia play a vital role in this transformation, the collective vision of businesses and individuals will ultimately shape our AI-driven future. Are you ready to be a part of it?