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Harnessing the power of AI - what can you do already today

With the rapid development of AI foundation models there is a growing number of potential AI applications and use cases, which will inevitably transform the future of business operations.  According to the latest McKinsey Global Survey, a third of company leaders report that they are already utilizing generative AI regularly in at least one business function within their organization. At the moment the most common business use cases of generative AI tools are in marketing, sales, product development and service operations, but it is still challenging to grasp their full potential.

We believe that one of the main untapped potentials of your organization lies within your internal data and knowledge. All the information you need already exists in your systems, but it may be difficult to access or make sense of. This is because your internal knowledge is often unstructured and siloed in different departments or systems, making it difficult to get a complete picture of what you even have. To unlock the potential of your internal data and knowledge, you need to make it more accessible and easier to use. This can be done too with an effective implementation of generative AI tools, which will help you to organize and structure your internal knowledge and provide easy and quick access for everybody within your organization.

Sometimes it is also necessary to go beyond your current knowledge to improve your decision-making, increase your efficiency, and drive innovation. By carefully incorporating external sources, you can gain access to new information and perspectives from news sites, customer websites, competitor websites, research studies and articles. All these can be done already today with the help of generative AI tools, such as for example YOKOTAI.

By integrating with both internal and external sources of information, YOKOTAI  can be used to create a single, unified knowledge base and make it easier for your employees on all levels to find the information they need, regardless of where it is stored.

Once you have a good overview and understanding of your knowledge base, generative AI can help you manage your data. For example, it helps you to identify duplicated, outdated or incorrect information, enables you to classify and label it and as a result keeps your internal knowledge neatly organized. When you have a solid information base that you can truly trust, it becomes very easy to generate reports or get reliable insights into your product data or business operation processes.

To ensure that you get the best out of generative AI, we don’t want to limit you in what you can achieve with the help of your data. We are currently implementing various workflows in YOKOTAI to support your unique needs and use cases. If you have a specific use case in mind not covered in this post, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of experienced software professionals who can design a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

You may be thinking, "This all sounds great, but how can I be sure that my data will remain private and won't be leaked to any third parties?" Not to worry! YOKOTAI is an enterprise-ready solution that prioritizes data privacy and security. You can check more details from our blog about LLMs and privacy - what every enterprise needs to know.

As stated by Harvard Business Review, AI won’t replace humans, but humans who use AI will replace humans who won’t. The majority of forward-thinking business leaders are already using AI-powered tools in their daily operations and yielding related benefits and profits. If you are ready to take your business onto the AI journey, book a demo with us!