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Below you can find some high-level descriptions of the talent profiles we are looking for. We expect, that you have a background in software or other technology such as signal processing or data science, or a very deep understanding of a business sector and its needs.

Senior Software Architect / Engineer

If you are looking for next-level challenges, an inspiring team and an opportunity to have an active role say in your company, this is for you. You have experience in working independently and solving challenging problems, and you want to grow professionally. You could see yourself working on challenging customer projects or developing our core IPR. 

This position is open for people looking to join the Softlandia shareholder's team as well.

Apply now by contacting our team at

Junior Developer

We understand that the software hiring market is not the easiest for junior talent. However, we believe that every company needs juniors to succeed.

If you are a student and looking for a summer or part-time job, this could be for you. You could also be a fresh graduate or have some previous experience in software development, looking for a change of scenery.

Drop us an open application by email at

A product owner or visionary founder

For more background about this, see our Venture Studio business. Drop us an open application by email at