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Customer Case

Framery Acoustics

Customer: Framery, Finland

Status: Delivered several projects startingfrom 6/2022-

Softlandia is a selected vendor and partner for Framery in innovation projects. In the projects Framery team and Softlandia team have been working side-by-side developing new innovations to be adopted in future in Framery products. The joint development work has included tuning of hardware, concept development, design and implementation of novel algorithms, cloud architecture implementation, integration testing and vendor communication.

We have been really pleased with Softlandia’s commitment, their agility and capacity of finding potential solutions and delivering results in the projects. Softlandia team has been truly a problem solver. We can really recommend Softlandia based on our experience. Smile & Deliver as, their slogan says, is our experience as well.

Tomi Nokelainen, Head of Framery Labs

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