Softlandia background


Customer Case

Large Media Company

Customer: Finland, confidential

Status: Ongoing 3/2023 ->

Softlandia team has helped a customer to achieve their strategic goals, focusing on developing and applying machine learning and customer specific LLM solutions. Softlandia’s role has been crucial as consultants and as part of a team of internal and external experts. 

Customer needs in project:

  • Implementing company strategy using data-driven methods (primarily based on text-mining)

  • Employing generative AI in the daily workflows of technical and non-technical professionals

  • Understand current large language model (LLM) capabilities and usage possibilities, both commercial and openly published models


  • Built a natural language processing pipeline using machine learning and statistical methods, including large language models, deployed to cloud infrastructure

  • Benchmarked commercial and open LLMs (e.g. Llama) on business-specific tasks & proprietary data

  • Applied LLM quantization & acceleration methods to improve runtime and reduce resource load

  • Trained and applied state-of-the-art generative audio models

  • Created education material on machine learning & AI for non-technical persons and evaluated commercial AI services (solutions, TOS, privacy)

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