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Our first year summary

It's a wrap! The first operational year of Softlandia is done. Our first financial year is also closed, and books were audited already in Feb by our skilled auditor Sara Mäkilä from Hill Audit. 

Thanks to all customers! Publicly here, I can mention OptoFidelity, Framery, Helmee Imaging, and Symbio, but as well, thanks to all others, you know who you are. We are happy that we got to work with you, and based on our understanding, we did Smile & Deliver. As well as vice versa, it's great to have such excellent customers.

Thanks to our partners Delta Cygni Labs, Platform6, Tampere AI Ecosystem & Business Tampere, EIT Manufacturing, Outerbounds, Gallant, Heltti, and all others. Thanks to all individuals helping us forward, families & spouses, and all the advisors this far.

Where are we today? 0,5 million € revenue from the first financial year, some profit. All business processes are running smoothly, and we have great plans for the future. We are as well proud to receive Kauppalehti Menestyjät Certificate, which is given to top-performing companies in Finland. We think getting this after the first operational year is truly an achievement.

What have we learned thus far? Despite having prior experience, starting a new business always differs from other ventures.

Sales is challenging work, and recruiting is even more complicated. Without good vision and strategy, both are a struggle. We agreed not to fix our minds on one business idea when we started. Instead, we wanted to get the company moving, work in customer projects we could find, and start developing our business, team, and strategy as we went.

What are our vision and strategy? Our vision remains steadfast: Softlandia is a long-term commitment for the founders. In the future, Softlandia will have a robust software and technology consulting business and scalable businesses, including products, technology, and SaaS. We aim to expand our reach to 2-3 countries, providing consulting and scalable business opportunities. The strategy is now getting nailed, and we will publish more details in future blog posts.

While we are yet to develop a comprehensive growth plan, we have taken the first steps toward realizing our vision. Our initial plans include the following:

  • Active sales and marketing.

  • Leveraging outbound sales and a solid digital presence.

  • SEO and marketing in selected segments.

  • The first product to be published in July

  • Opening an office outside of Finland in the next 12 months

We also focus on continuously recruiting new shareholders and employees and are actively working on developing scalable business opportunities through systematic development.

We are confident in our vision and our commitment to achieving our goals. With time on our side, we are confident in our ability to create a prosperous future for Softlandia.  This year has started with very interesting developments. By the end of May, we have been happy to onboard three new team members and many great new customers and partners. We closed our first export deal with a French technology company and expect to launch our first product beta in July. You can read more about the product concept from our blog.

If you are interested in getting a job offer, being in business cooperation with us, or need our help, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to follow us, you can subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the form below. Anyway, please ping us in person if you have any questions, and please remember to join our next AI-related meetup in September.