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Recap of the second data science meetup

The second Data Science meetup was held here at Tampere on 21.3.2023! We had the pleasure to host amazing speakers and the atmosphere was great, again!

Our data meetups are a series of events, targeted for data professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you are working hands-on with data, leading data teams or designing machine learning products, these events will provide valuable information and contacts! 

The next event is already scheduled for Tuesday 23.5.2023, book your spot in Eventbrite! We’ll have a special theme: Large Language Models! 🎉

The event

The venue for the meetup was Platform6 at Tribe Tampere premises. It’s a nice and relaxed location, great for meeting people and discussions. This time we had three great speakers discussing timely topics. Learning from these professionals is one of our primary goals with the meetups, and based on the feedback we got, this goal was achieved!

Mikko warmly welcomed the onsite and online crowd.

The topics that our speakers covered were data science project efficiency, AI in mobile imaging and real-time machine learning infrastructure 🚀

Oguzhan Gencoglu from Laconic shared his wealth of experience and know-how in developing Machine Learning solutions. He emphasized the importance of focusing on the right things during a project’s development process and gave loads of helpful tips to achieve these goals. With his extensive background in creating ML solutions across different industries, Ouz was the perfect mentor for anyone looking to streamline their development process and get their solutions to the market. The audience left the talk equipped with practical tools, such as “fake” product releases, to make some seriously efficient ML magic happen.

Ouz is a well-regarded AI strategist with years of hands-on experience in implementing AI solutions. He recently established his own company, Laconic, where he continues to provide expert consulting services. He was also a founder of Top Data Science, where he was at the forefront of developing innovative business solutions with machine learning.

Ouz walking us through best practices of machine learning projects.

In her fascinating talk, Esin Guldogan from Microsoft summarized how AI algorithms are integrated into mobile devices and how ML is used to achieve improved image quality in mobile photography. She covered the existing solutions and capabilities and discussed the future directions of this exciting technology. There is so much AI can do in this field, and we’re especially curious to see how end-to-end training of image enhancement algorithms, which Esin described, is going to move the field forward.

Esin graduated from the Signal Processing Department of Tampere University of Technology, Finland with a Ph.D. degree in 2009. She worked in Nokia and Huawei mobile phone camera departments. Her expertise area includes image and video processing, mobile camera imaging algorithms, computer vision and machine learning. Currently, she is working as principal algorithm architect in Finland Surface Camera team, leading the AI activities for Surface algorithms.

Zander talking about streaming and real-time machine learning

Zander Matheson from Bytewax joined us remotely from the US! In his informative talk, Zander explored the intricacies of working with real-time data and when it may be necessary for businesses to leverage this type of processing. The audience gained insights into the why and how of real-time processing, specifically in the context of machine learning. Zander really leaned on his experience in machine learning infrastructure and explored the space of streaming in detail. If you’d like to get hands on with this topic, check out Bytewax the open-source stream processing tool!

Zander founded and currently leads Bytewax, an open-source software company with a mission to make it easier to leverage streaming data. With over a decade of experience in data infrastructure and data science at leading developer tool companies like GitHub and Heroku, Zander has an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of building and managing data infrastructure. As a forward-thinker, Zander is continuously driving change in the industry and making it easier for developers to work with streaming data.

Zander talking about streaming and real-time machine learning

If real-time processing interests you, we've also covered the topic in our blog.

The evening concluded with Pizzas and networking, as is tradition :) We hope to see all of you back next time! 

We're very grateful for our speakers and audience, thanks for making the event a success! You can find these insightful talks from our Youtube channel: 

The next event is already scheduled for Tuesday 23.5.2023, book your spot in Eventbrite! We warmly thank the Tampere AI ecosystem and Tribe Tampere startup ecosystem for their help in organizing these events 🤗

Next meetup will focus on Large Language Models! A gentle introduction to the topic can be found in, you guessed it, our blog!

Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to discuss these themes with us!