Julia Bondarchik
Head of Product

Simplifying Documentation With The Help of Generative AI – Introducing YOKOT.AI Document Generation Workflow

There has been a noticeable shift in the business landscape already as companies are increasingly recognizing the value of generative AI technology. This emerging trend is evident when we delve into the realm of industry reports, where we can see a growing number of businesses embracing the potential of AI applications.

While the adoption of AI holds great promise, it is not without its challenges. One of the main challenges lies in effectively harnessing unstructured data and making it accessible and understandable for AI models. This is where good data governance practices come into play. By implementing robust data governance strategies, businesses can ensure that their AI strategies are built on a solid foundation of reliable and high-quality data.

To ensure the success of AI implementations, modern AI approaches such as the RAG framework, agents, and instruct-tuning are being employed. These cutting-edge techniques enable businesses to fine-tune their AI models, improving their accuracy and performance. By leveraging these advanced AI methodologies, companies can unlock the immense potential for scalability and growth.

Generative AI is the future of effective knowledge management

The realization that AI-powered technology is essential for maintaining a competitive edge has already dawned upon forward-thinking businesses. Gone are the days when businesses relied solely on traditional knowledge management tools. With the rise of AI technologies and tools, it’s never been easier to find a relevant document or latest meeting notes transcription inside your company’s intranet, be able to get insights into your data in an easily digestible way and be sure that your information remains secure within your organization.

YOKOT.AI is a private generative AI solution built by Softlandia team for corporate use that offers all the features for effective internal knowledge management and even more. It has been designed to boost workplace productivity through your daily task automation, while keeping your data safe and GDPR compliant. 

From knowledge management to documentation automation

You have probably already heard about various examples of large language model applications for customer support and knowledge management use cases, but what if you could have (on top of all that) also your personal writing assistant? An assistant that could generate your internal documentation, a research report, a funding application or a product description, but using only your reference sources as the knowledge base.

Our new Document Generation Workflow feature is already available for our customers and enables YOKOT.AI users to generate complete documents with just a few simple clicks! You can now fully automate your documentation routine, while still maintaining a full control of the final document output. And you can share your document generator templates across all users too, so there is no need to do the same job twice!

With YOKOT.AI Document Generator you can easily design your own generator – a structure you wish your document to follow or select one from the library of already existing or shared generators.

  • You define the sources you want to use for your document generation – it can be either a file from your computer, your organization's internal knowledge or even selected links from the web.

  • You can tweak and adjust the style, tone and even the language of the generated document.

  • You maintain full control over the final version, in case you wish to revisit the generated text or make your own adjustments and edits.

As a YOKOT.AI Document Generator output you will get a complete downloadable version of a document created just for you, using only trusted sources selected by you from your internal knowledge database which you can then continue iterating on in MS Word or any other editor of your choice.

With this new feature YOKOT.AI simplifies and streamlines the documentation process by automating repetitive tasks, offering customization options, while providing a user-friendly interface for document generation.

If you would like to see YOKOT.AI in action, you can check this short demo video or just book a live demo directly with us! We can assure you that we will not stop here and there will be even more awesome features rolling out soon, stay tuned!

This post might have or might have not been written with the help of our YOKOT.AI Document Generation assistant. ;)