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Smile & Deliver - Softlandia Company Values

Smile and deliver is something we want our company to be remembered from. Being nice and making things happen. 

Softlandia was founded on the idea of a very permanent working place. We founders want to work in this company for decades, and we hope all the future employees feel so as well. A workplace & team, you want to work permanently can as well be very productive. One of the most important factors for a great workplace is "Psychological safety.*" 

Harward Business Review writes about psychological safety: "positive emotions like trust, curiosity, confidence, and inspiration broaden the mind and help us build psychological, social, and physical resources. We become more open-minded, resilient, motivated, and persistent when we feel safe. Humor increases, as does solution-finding and divergent thinking — the cognitive process underlying creativity." We think this is really something profound, and this is behind our Smile & Deliver slogan.

Deliver, what customer needs. Deliver on time. Deliver on expected level and sometimes beyond. For a service company, delivering is key. In order to deliver to the customer or your team or colleague, what is needed, you need to make sure what exactly is the outcome in all dimensions, what is needed. So delivering good results starts with understanding. But it's as well time management, communication, and execution of tasks.

Smile and deliver is our slogan but these are things that we want our team to represent. These are things we want to become better at. In order to be better, there are two additional things we listed in our values. 

There has to be a desire to learn. Desire to learn at the individual and organizational level. At an organizational level, it means that we organize time and opportunities to do so. To the areas and directions where individuals' interests and our company's needs meet.

The last value relates to feedback. A person has to be able to take feedback in order to learn. Taking feedback, and really listening is sometimes hard. To make it easier, we as team members and individuals need to focus on giving feedback. There has to be feedback, it has to be relevant. There are different levels of feedback, and in some areas of feedback, it has to be very organized in order to be meaningful.

These couple of lines attempt to describe what we want Softlandia as a team to be. Of course, as a young company, we are just starting to build all of these. Everything is not yet done, but we are taking these seriously from day one. 

If you want to read the full article from Harvard Business Review about Psychological safety, here's the link.