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Softlandia Venture Studio

A better world with the help of technology. This was one of the main drivers when our team discussed the idea of setting up Softlandia. Our team members have vast experience working with new products and innovations. We have done this in startups, and helped the leading global tech brands to improve their products. We know that making an impact is about a great team, focused work, and good strategy. We want to build products and solutions.

Softlandia will build products and technologies with the mindset of making a difference. We have learned that building a product, or MVP (minimum viable product), is challenging. It requires skills beyond technology: great customer understanding, a growth mindset, and a problem-solving attitude. Developing a successful product requires time and capital, and the trail to success is booby-trapped with errors, confusion, and doubt. The solution is a great team, good processes, time & money. 

Softlandia is a long-term life plan for our team. We did not want to establish the whole company based on one idea only. If the idea fails, or if the idea is very successful, typically the team breaks up at some point. We plan to grow the Softlandia Team, or Softlandia Nation, to a large community with multiple businesses and hundreds of people. A community where you can stay for good and still try different roles and endeavors over time. And you don’t need to leave the community. We figured out that this type of business is referred to as a venture studio.

Definition of Venture Studio

A venture studio is an organization that creates startups, typically by providing the initial team, strategic direction, and capital for the startup to reach product-market fit.

A good definition by Applico, a New York-based group working on the subject matter

In practice, a venture studio is an organization actively looking for new ideas and opportunities to create or co-create new businesses. The ideas are typically found through a systematic process with partners and entrepreneurial individuals who have ideas but maybe not all the competencies and resources needed to build up a new business. Venture studios typically have partners for financing and a network of advisors with different backgrounds.

There are many forms of co-creation, co-innovation and startup creation. Demola and Y-Combinator as examples of their own, and yet very different from each other.

Softlandia Venture Studio - for individuals and partners

Our vision for Softlandia Venture Studio is as follows. We plan to create three to five different international growth businesses in the coming years, with a solid backbone in technology. We have a great bunch of business ideas cooking, and a network of partner companies we are working with, to refine the ideas to MVPs.

Why would an individual with a business idea want to cooperate with a Venture studio? Venture studios typically have the knowledge and competence to build a business. Knowledge and experience in product development, Go-To-Market strategies, customer centricity, marketing, sales, and financing, are all beneficial.

If you think you or your company is a potential partner to us, please be in contact with our team at We are also actively looking for individuals and teams that are looking for a bigger team to work with them to develop the idea into a business.

We will open up more details about the process, and some example cases in the next blog posts.

If you want to ask more about collaboration possibilities, please contact us: