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Finding AI Use Cases: The AI Booster Cycle

Softlandia's ABC of AI deployment simplifies AI integration with a three-step process: Educate, Empower, and Experiment. Equip your team with tools like YOKOT.AI and ChatGPT to boost efficiency and innovation.

Our first year summary

It's a wrap! The first operational year of Softlandia is done. Our first financial year is also closed, and books were audited already in Feb. And yes, it was a great start. Thanks to everyone helping us this far.

Former Wärtsilä Voyage President, Reaktor US CEO Joonas Makkonen Joins Softlandia Team As Advisor

Softlandia is pleased to announce that Joonas Makkonen has joined the company as an advisor. Makkonen's role will significantly contribute to Softlandia's expansion into the US market.