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Former Wärtsilä Voyage President, Reaktor US CEO Joonas Makkonen Joins Softlandia Team As Advisor

Softlandia is pleased to announce that Joonas Makkonen has joined the company as an advisor. With his extensive experience and expertise in international business expansion, Makkonen's role will significantly contribute to Softlandia's expansion into the US market.

As an advisor, Makkonen will provide strategic guidance and insights on entering and establishing a presence in the US market. His deep understanding of the business landscape, market trends, and cultural nuances will be invaluable in steering Softlandia's operations to the US.

Makkonen's track record of successfully scaling businesses globally, particularly in the technology sector, aligns perfectly with Softlandia's vision of creating international growth businesses with a strong technology foundation. His expertise in market entry strategies, business development, and building strategic partnerships will play a crucial role in identifying opportunities and creating effective go-to-market strategies in the US.

Softlandia is confident that Makkonen's advisory role will accelerate the company's growth and help establish a strong presence in the US market. With his guidance, Softlandia will be well-positioned to tap into the vast opportunities and potential that the US market offers.

“Having worked with some of the Softlandia founders in my past and as soon as they shared their early plans about putting together a world-class AI team with an ambitious mission I knew I wanted to be a part of it.” 

Previously Mr Makkonen worked as the President of Voyage Solutions, in Wärtsilä and CEO of Reaktor in New York,  where he initiated a green-field start-up of Reaktor's agency and consulting business in the US and grew it from zero to $10+ Million in three years with a portfolio of Fortune 100 clients and top-notch local delivery capability.

During his previous career, Mr Makkonen has had the privilege of working with prestigious organizations such as HBO, Procter & Gamble, Virgin, Dow Jones, Viacom, Samsung, and Michael Kors. 

Softlandia closes an additional US customer deal with California-based Bytewax

From day one, Softlandia has had high ambitions and a strong objective towards international markets. We are very happy that we can publicly announce the name of our next US customer, Bytewax.

The collaboration between Softlandia and Bytewax brings together the expertise and experience of two innovative companies. Softlandia's strong track record in software development, cloud architecture, and AI/ML perfectly complements Bytewax's focus on real-time data processing and machine learning.

This partnership not only signifies Softlandia's growth and expansion into the US market but also highlights its commitment to providing top-notch technology solutions to its customers. Bytewax's decision to choose Softlandia as a technology partner demonstrates the trust and confidence they have in Softlandia's capabilities and expertise.

"We are thrilled to have Bytewax as our customer," said Mikko Lehtimäki, Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist of Softlandia. "This partnership demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality machine learning software solutions and our ability to meet the unique requirements of our deep tech customers. We look forward to working closely with Bytewax and building on their excellent real-time data platform."

Softlandia has received a positive funding decision from ELY Finland for the international scaling efforts. The project was approved in 11/2023 and will focus on Softlandia’s expansion in international markets, especially the US. The project is part of ELY,  Centre Economic Development, Transport, and the Environment, funding program with a project name “Applied AI Engineering & Solutions“.

“We are very committed to our international expansion, and very happy that we are already seeing results now. Bytewax is a great example of a forward-looking international tech company, that we want to support in their business,” Softlandia CEO Ilmo Lounasmaa concludes.

About Bytewax

Bytewax is a Python framework that simplifies event and stream processing. Bytewax couples the stream and event processing capabilities of Flink, Spark, and Kafka Streams with the friendly and familiar interface of Python. Bytewax offers the possibility that users can re-use the Python libraries they already are familiar with. Bytewax, Inc., has its registered office in Santa Cruz, California. For more details, visit the Bytewax website.

About Softlandia

Softlandia is a leading software development company with a proven track record in delivering high-quality solutions to its customers. With expertise in software development, cloud architecture, AI such as large language models and machine vision, IoT, and sensor fusion, Softlandia is dedicated to helping its clients achieve their business objectives and drive innovation. Softlandia is expanding its presence in the US market and continues its mission of providing exceptional technology solutions.

In the field of AI and data science, Softlandia specializes in assisting companies in harnessing the power of AI and managing large amounts of data. Softlandia can deliver full-stack data-driven solutions and develop custom AI algorithms to solve critical business problems.

About Softlandia´s project “Applied AI Engineering & Solutions”

Softlandia aims to expand internationally by concentrating on "Applied AI Engineering" services and products. The company is specifically targeting the US market to find partners and opportunities for its productized services, technology interfaces, and APIs. The project is implemented between 31.8.2023 and 31.12.2024. The project is partially funded by the European Union.

Softlandia´s project “Applied AI Engineering & Solutions” is partially funded by the EU