Softlandia background


Customer Case

Imaging Test Framework Design and Implementation, Algorithm Development

For a large international customer Softlandia has delivered a state-of-the-art Python-based custom software system that you can use to test devices and algorithms. It enables the customer to test the whole imaging pipeline to validate the quality of the imaging devices.

In addition to the software framework, Softlandia has implemented several imaging algorithms that are used in the system.

This is a prime example of our capability to deliver a full end-to-end solution starting from software design to full-stack implementation including algorithms, backend, and frontend.

Softlandia's responsibilities have included:

  • Software architecture design

  • Backend implementation

  • Low-code UI frontend implementation (React & TypeScript)

  • Data streaming, for example video, between backend and UI

  • Sofware packaging

  • Consulting in all kinds of Python related matters

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