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Mastering the Enterprise Darkweb with Help of AI

We are building a private enterprise version of a ChatGPT-like tool to overcome the dark enterprise web, also known as intranet challenges. Why do we think this is such a great idea?

The well-known problem is that enterprises have many documents and other data, but the challenge is finding relevant information. Knowledge is hidden in intranets and connected data sources. ChatGPT has proven that AI & LLMs (Large Language Models) are beneficial technologies for various purposes, including document understanding.

Why a separate solution is needed?

ChatGTP has showcased the great benefits of LLMs. All businesses have to react somehow. Employees are testing the tool or can even already be using it without permission or in silence. And the benefits are apparent. If you ban using such technologies, you will soon learn your competitors bypass your business. There is clearly a need for a private, enterprise version of a ChatGPT-like tool.

What are the key benefits and features of our solution?

Compared to ChatGPT, the most imminent one is privacy. External & internal.

By external privacy, we mean that all your company documents will be private and confidential to your company only. The information is not leaked to LLM providers or used to train language models.

Internal privacy is essential as well. You can add your business information to the system and ensure that only the HR department will see HR-related info, the sales department sales docs, etc.

The business benefits of using AI chat with internal documents are huge. We estimate a cost saving of 10-25%, depending on the use case.

Beta launch in July 2023

We will launch a beta version for piloting purposes in July. If you want to get sneak peeks, please subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the form below. You will be the first to get access to our tool by doing this. You can as well reach us by email at

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UPDATE 21.08.2023: Beta launch of our product Generative Enterprise Chat & AI, YOKOT.AI is now done. Please, ask for a demo or more details on how you could benefit from YOKOT.AI.