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Why Your Software Project Needs a Hands-on Software Architect?

Software architecture is a critical component of software development that can impact a project's success. A hands-on software architect or consultant brings technical expertise, practical experience, and objective guidance to ensure the project is scalable, maintainable, and secure.

Tekoälyn voiman hyödyntäminen – mitä voit tehdä jo tänään

Tämä kirjoitus opastaa, miten voit aloittaa generatiivisen tekoälyn käytön päivittäisessä liiketoiminnassasi jo tänään. YOKOT.AI:n avulla pääset käsiksi organisaatiosi sisäiseen tietoon, yhdistät sen ulkoisiin lähteisiin ja saat lopulta kaiken hyödyn irti datastasi!

LLMs and privacy - what every enterprise needs to know

Almost every organization has found ways to make their operations more efficient with the help of LLMs. But privacy questions need to be solved before deploying LLMs at scale. We’ll explain the key aspects of privacy and LLMs in this blog post.

Mastering the Enterprise Darkweb with Help of AI

We are building a private enterprise version of a ChatGPT-like tool to overcome dark enterprise web, also known as intranet challenges. Why do we think this is such a great idea?

Don't Get Left Behind: Upgrade to Python 3

If you are still using Python 2, it's time to make the switch to Python 3. By continuing to use Python 2, you are missing out on important updates and support, and your applications may become vulnerable to security risks.