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Unlocking Qdrant + Python on Azure: A Guide to Deployment and Authentication

Learn how to deploy and secure Qdrant on Azure with App Service authentication, allowing safe interaction from any environment. With Python examples!

Recap of the First Data Science Infrastructure Meetup

The first event focused on the tools and infrastructure that enable productive data science, machine learning and analytics projects.

Sovelletun tekoälyn insinöörien esiinmarssi ja tekoälyosaamisen muutos

Lue, miten sovelletun tekoälyn insinöörit yhdistävät tekoälyn tuoreimmat mahdollisuudet yritysten käyttötarpeisiin ja muokkaavat tekoälykehitystä.

Real-time data processing in Python - technology evaluation

In this blog post, we take a look at stateful stream processing technologies for Python. All code is made available.

Explaining the Cloud: a Layman's Guide

In this post, we explain cloud computing in simple terms for those who may be unfamiliar with the technology. The cloud has revolutionized software development, making it more accessible, cost-effective, and scalable than ever before.

Scheduling data science workflows in Azure with Argo and Metaflow

In this blog post, we show how to automate data processing pipelines with Metaflow in Azure using Argo Workflows!